Caroline Poisson is a Belgian videographer who creates colourful and rhythmical videos, glittering with a unique touch and feminity. She jumps into a project the same way fishs jump into an ocean full of waves and movement. She works alongside you to achieve a colourful visual product that tells the story you want, in a powerful way, ready to be distribued ! Fascinated by all the ways faith can be expressed, and inspired by the filiation, her point of view reflects how she see the world, from her own universe of imagination.

Who’s Caroline Poisson ?

She graduated from the Brussel’s Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG), where she received her Master’s degree after studying illustration, film animation, performance art and video. She then broadened her skills through various technical training courses in photography, film editing and sounds making. After an internship at La Film Fabrique, a production company, where she learned a lot, she decided to be a videographer. Very quickly, she acquired a considerable experience in shooting, editing and sound recording.

As she’s fascinated by the world of moving pictures, she takes her camera with her everywhere. And since she’s literally everywhere, she’s soon hired as a videographer by various bands (such as My Little Cheap Dictaphone, Blue Velvet, Little X Monkeys…) and festivals (Les Ardentes, Microfestival), and also works for various stylists, designers and companies (namely Microsoft). 

Those who’ve worked with her all agree : when it comes to understanding who you are, what your message or motivation is, and putting all of this into images, Caroline is the girl for the job. 

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Little X MonkeysVictoire MagazineHello BankBlue VelvetEveryone is Guilty,
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